Admissions in Church of England Schools

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All Church of England schools in the Dioceses of Portsmouth and Winchester have Admission Policies that explain how admissions are managed. Most Church of England schools were set up to serve all of the community around the school without reference to the faith of the parents or child. They were and are schools for anyone… Read more »

Christian distinctiveness in a Church school

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Long before the Government became involved in providing education for everyone in our country, the Church of England had a vision that it wanted every parish to have a school for the education of poor children. By 1900, there were 5,700 state-funded schools and 14,000 schools funded by the Church of England. Today, approximately a… Read more »

Religious Education (RE)

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Religious Education (RE) is part of the basic curriculum taught in all maintained state schools. In all Church of England schools within Winchester Diocese, the Local Authority Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education will form the basis of the taught curriculum, though this may be enhanced with additional material by individual schools. The Local Authority Agreed… Read more »

Collective Worship

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All maintained schools must hold a daily act of collective worship (assembly), though collective worship is likely to be given a much more significant status in the life of a Church school than a community school. Collective worship can held at any time of the day and in any grouping from a single class to… Read more »

Our Schools

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Our schools aim to serve their community by providing an education of the highest quality within the context of Christian belief and practice. The Education Team work with four local authorities in the Diocese of Winchester, Bournemouth, Dorset, Hampshire and Southampton. Every working day, within these schools, around 30,000 children and 2,000 adults encounter an… Read more »

Education & Schools

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Church of England schools offer high quality education within a Christian context. They are, in the main, community schools with a Christian character serving the needs of the local area. As with all maintained schools in England they: teach Religious Education in line with the locally agreed syllabus hold acts of collective worship every day… Read more »