Resources for Parish Officers


The Church Representation Rules 2011 are now available online.  And variety of forms and information are available to download here.  Please contact Jayne Tarry if you do not find what you need.

  • Churchwardens Returns 2014 (Word)
  • Parish Officer Returns 2014 (Word)
  • Notice of Revision of Electoral Roll (Word)
  • Electoral Roll Certificate 2014 (Word)
  • Deanery Synod Returns 2014 (Word)
  • Terrier & Inventory Update 2014 (Word)
  • What is Deanery Synod Leaftlet (Colour / B&W)
  • Notice of APCM (Word / PDF)
  • Notice for the Election of Churchwardens (Word / PDF)
  • Nomination of Churchwarden (Word / PDF)
  • Churchwardens Measure 2001 - A Brief Guide (PDF)
  • Nomination for PCC Membership (Word / PDF)
  • Nomination for Deanery Synod (Word)
  • PCC Secretaries' Handbook (PDF)
  • Care of Parish Records (PDF)
  • Annual Timetable for Return of Forms (PDF)
  • Churchwarden Yearbook 2014 (PDF)


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The Statistics for Mission and Return of Parish Finance are now completed online via the new national website. If you have any questions please contact Carol Sullivan in the Finance Team.

Click here for Safeguarding / DBS information.

The Diocese employs the services of an HR Consultant for general use among the parishes.

The Diocese employs the services of a H&S Consultant for general use among the parishes.

Archdeacons' Visitations 2014


Download the 2014 Visitation dates here.


Resources for Treasurers

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