Royal Remains?

5 February 2013

Royal Remains? photo


THE DIOCESE OF WINCHESTER has issued the following, in response to speculation about potentially significant remains at St Bartholomew’s Church, Hyde in Winchester.

Diocesan spokesman Nick Edmonds, said: “It’s fascinating to think what secrets our churchyards may hold, and it’s understandable that following this week’s remarkable findings in Leicester, an appetite for investigation has been whetted. “

“At St Bartholomew’s Church in Hyde, Winchester, there is interest in investigating a plot which may be of historical significance, with speculation as to whether it may contain the remains of King Alfred the Great.”

“At the moment matters are in the hands of the parish, which – supported by the Diocese of Winchester – is exploring its options. “

“One such option would be archaeological investigation, which would require application for a faculty (the Church of England’s planning permission process). This would then receive scrutiny by major national bodies such as English Heritage, the Council for British Archaeology, and the Advisory Panel on the Archaeology of Burials in England, whose combined expertise would inform the best way forward.”

“It could be a lengthy process, but nevertheless it is one we will certainly follow with anticipation!”