Bishop Tim enthronement - report and pictures

21 April 2012

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The 97th Bishop of Winchester has taken his seat during a service of enthronement at Winchester Cathedral, and now begins his ministry in the diocese.

See all the photos from the big day here (external link - Flickr)

During the service on Saturday 21 April at 2.30pm the new Bishop knocked nine times on the great west door, in the traditional ceremony of being granted entry to the building by the Dean of the Cathedral. Then the Chancellor of the Diocese read the Archbishop's mandate to Bishop Tim, before the Archdeacon of Canterbury (serving as The Archbishop of Canterbury’s representative) took the new bishop by the hand and conducted him on to his throne.

In his enthronement sermon, Bishop Tim spoke of his vision to know Christ, and to live the mission of Jesus. Bishop Tim out lined three key commitments in his ministry. Firstly to 'encourage passionate spirituality,' secondly to 'encourage a pioneering faith community' and thirdly to ' to encourage prophetic global citizens'.

'Everyone has a mission'

"Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Company have a mission to Britain. Their strapline is ‘spreading love, peace and ice-cream since 1978’. Everyone has a mission," said the Bishop.

"The Archbishop’s charge includes an overarching responsibility to bring the challenge of a radical gospel, and I’ve suggested that we’re called to be passionate, pioneering and prophetic."

"I’ve suggested that we reconnect with our deep mission heritage and that we rediscover the mission of Jesus by participating, living the mission of Jesus."

"This, I believe to be the radical challenge of the gospel. I could summarise it in the words of St Paul: ‘I want to know Christ; I want the church to know Christ; I want other people to know Christ."

Watch the moment Bishop Tim knocked on the door of the Cathedral

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