News Articles Announcement: Diocesan Office Accommodation

Announcement: Diocesan Office Accommodation

As part of a process of both rationalising office space, and ensuring we make best use of the buildings within our care, the Diocesan Office will be occupying some additional space at Wolvesey.

The majority of employees will continue to work out of Old Alresford Place, but from 4 November 2013 the following people will be primarily based at Wolvesey:


New Phone numbers:

Andrea Ford, PA to the Archdeacons: 01962 710 960

Michael Harley, Archdeacon of Winchester: 01962 710 961

Peter Rouch, Archdeacon of Bournemouth: 01962 710 962

Lesley Grimm, Administrator: 01962 710 970

Pete Maidment, Youth Discipleship Officer: 01962 710 971

Andy Saunders, Children & Families Discipleship Adviser: 01962 710 972

Phil Dykes, Adult Discipleship Adviser: 01962 710 973

Ian Knight, Administrator: 01962 710 980

Frances ter Haar, Administrator: 01962 710 981

Norman Boakes, CMD Officer: 01962 710 982

Duncan Strathie, Initial Ministerial Training Officer: 01962 710 983

Julia Mourant, Vocations, Recruitment & Selection Officer: 01962 710 984


All email addresses will remain the same but the following postal address should be used for the people above:

The Diocesan Office, Wolvesey, Winchester SO23 9ND


Access to the Diocesan Office at Wolvesey is via the side office door. Please use the appropriate intercom button.


All training events and meetings will continue to be located at Old Alresford Place unless stated otherwise.


Contact details remain the same for all other Diocesan employees.