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Living a life of faith

Living a life of faith involves the effort to put our faith into practice, trying to demonstrate that ‘belief affects behaviour’.

People trying to follow Christ’s example aim to love God, and others, as Jesus commanded, but can’t always achieve it. However, if we’re truly sorry and try to change our lives to become more like Christ, God forgives us.

Living a life of faith means inviting God into every area of our lives, asking for His guidance and for the Holy Spirit to help enable us to live as God wants us to. It often entails taking part in worship within the church, praying and reading the Bible. In these ways a Christian can learn more about God and what he wants for us.

Living a life of faith involves making decisions based on what we believe, and how we think Jesus might react in the same situation. Sometimes it may require us to speak out against injustice, or to simply provide a listening ear.

It can also be about practical help in times of trouble, or about praying for others if we are unable to help in any other way.

For some, living a life of faith means finding God in the ordinary and mundane, trying to show His love in our everyday lives, caring for others in whatever way is best suited to our situations.

Living a life of faith puts God at the centre of our lives, relying on Him, while doing our very best to do His will.

A key Bible passage: Luke 10:25-37

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Family and faith

Fostering faith in families
For many families who follow Christ together, reflection on the love God has for us helps them to live well. Seeking and accepting his guidance in their lives through prayer and worship fosters mutual faith, and love. Inevitably difficulties still occur, and many churches run courses designed to support families at all stages - from the newly wed, through parenthood (if it should come) and into older age.

Moving forward
Everyone has a part to play in making the church what God wants it to be. There are many opportunities for families to contribute together and individually, both in giving and receiving. Praying and worshipping with others can be an encouraging and supportive way of exploring your faith. Many find courses, such as Alpha and Emmaus, which are run by parish churches, helpful in understanding and exploring Christianity. Equally, participation in children's activities, youth groups, work among older people, or other activities that sustain the church family may be faith-expanding.

All your family members are welcome...

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