Marriage is the way in which a man and woman declare their love for each other and promise to live together and share all that they have for life. While it is a very personal commitment, it is also a public one and declares their relationship to the wider community. Marriage in church adds a spiritual dimension. The couple consciously make their vows, not only before each other and witnesses, but also in the sight of God. In return, they are assured that, no matter what may arise in their lives together,  God will be with them, seeking to sustain and support them with his love.

The Church of England sees marriage as the best environment for lifelong companionship and for the nurture of children. It is in this relationship that intimate sexual sharing finds its proper place, expressing, enriching and deepening a couple's love for each other. If you are interested in finding out more about marriage or the marriage service, your local church will be able to help you. You can also find more information on the main Church of England website


Even with the best intentions in the world, not all marriages last the whole of a couple's natural lifespan. Divorce and re-marriage are issues that need to dealt with carefully. In the Church of England, it is possible to marry again after divorce, depending on the circumstances. If you are seeking to marry after a divorce, you should contact your local vicar who will explore it with you.

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