Parish & Synod Support Department

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Who's Who




Mr Colin Harbidge, Head of Operations & Chief of Staff

Tel: 01962 737307




Colin has overall responsibility for the running of the Parish & Synod Support Department. He works closely with Andrew Robinson, the Chief Executive, deputising for him in regard to operational matters and undertaking specific project work as required. Colin has particular responsibility for the work of Synodical Government, Human Resources, and supporting parishes.



Miss Jayne Tarry, Synod & Admin Officer
Jayne works closely with Colin Harbidge, supporting him across the range of his responsibilities. Her role is specifically focused on supporting the work of all Synodical Committees and bodies and advising parishes on the Church Representation Rules. Jayne is also tasked with keeping all administrative processes in the office under review; oversight of insurance; and the upkeep of the diocesan database and directory. At the same time Jayne acts as coordinator for all parish administrators across the diocese, supporting them in their work and enabling sharing of best practice.

Tel: 01962 737348


Ms Susan Beckett, HR Adviser
Susan was appointed in the second half of 2009 and works closely with senior staff in the implementation of clergy and lay HR practices.
Tel: 07788 313148                  Email:

Jane Fisher, Director for Safeguarding
Jane has overall responsibility for the work of the Department. A major part of her responsibility relates to the processes for Safeguarding and case work – both of known offenders in churches and where there has been disclosure of abuse. She is available to parishes and deaneries to speak about the work of the Department, the nature of the churches challenges in responding to the needs for Safeguarding and how these may be implemented in away which enhances our ministry.
Tel: 01962 737347                  Email:
Mobile: 07921 865374

Siona Jeffery, Safeguarding Administrator
Siona is the first point of contact for general enquiries about the work of the Department and information regarding Safeguarding. Specifically Siona delivers and manages the work of the Safeguarding Registry. This includes managing the CRB process and advising the Director of any issues. Siona is able to provide a comprehensive advice and support service to clergy and parish representatives concerning general Child Protection process queries and CRB matters. She also provides administrative support to the Director.
Tel: 01962 737347                  Email:



Gordon Randall, Stewardship Adviser

Gordon has been Stewardship Adviser for the diocese since 2000. His passion is encouraging those who follow Jesus to recognise that in the managing of our resources (principally our time, talents and money) we are really being asked to look after what God has entrusted to us. He sees this stewarding of God’s resources as an outworking of our discipleship that helps us grow in our faith and extend God’s Kingdom. Stewardship is the act of organizing your life so that God can spend you!

Tel: 01962 737323                  Email:



The Parish & Synod Support Department brings together Stewardship, Safeguarding , HR and Synodical Governance, recognising that all the areas of work have the same basic purpose - to support good management and compliance at every level of our Diocesan structures.
The configuration of the Department is designed to recognise that solid management of statutory and structural matters create a strong foundation on which mission and ministry can be built. As well as seeking to reduce the heavy burden (both in terms of time and finance) that statutory requirements can place on parishes and volunteers, the Department will look to develop creative new ways of working, growing the gifts and opportunities that exist across the diocese.
A key part of this work will be the responsibility for supporting Parish Share collection and for running training days and events for parochial officers. Working closely with Area Teams and Deanery Officers, there will be a renewed focus on proactively supporting Parishes that are behind with Share payments.


Summary of Areas of Responsibility


Human Resources

  • Supporting the Bishop’s Staff Team in all Clergy HR matters;
  • Managing all aspects of HR for employees of the Board of Finance;
  • Providing Parish Employment Advice.


Parish Officers Training & Support

  • Coordinating and running the annual cycle of Parochial Officers Training events;
  • Managing the annual Church Resource Fayre;
  • Developing and maintaining resources and guidance notes for clergy, deanery and parish officers


Parish Share Support

  • To support Deanery and Parish officers in the collection of Parish Share;
  • To ensure clear, simple resources are provided to help explain the need and purpose of Parish Share in an accessible format;
  • To work closely with parishes and deaneries on particular issues, drawing in colleagues from across the organisation as required;
  • To provide regular monitoring reports of Parish Share collection to the Finance & Property Sub-Committee.


Safeguarding & Inclusion

  • Providing training and support to clergy, parish officers and volunteers on all aspects of Safeguarding and Inclusion;
  • To ensure safeguarding matters are viewed as a high priority by all involved in the life of the Diocesan community;
  • To provide a round the clock helpline for anyone with safeguarding related concerns;
  • To work with churches, local authorities, police and other agencies and partners as necessary in the investigation of cases;
  • To ensure the operation of a robust Disclosure and barring System (DBS) across the diocese.



  • To promote generosity and good stewardship of our God given resources;
  • To support parishes in engaging in questions of stewardship, providing practical help as required;
  • To investigate and share resources and initiatives to assist clergy and parishes in understanding and promoting generosity;
  • Working with the Diocesan Environmental Group to promote the care of God’s creation;
  • To promote and support Fair Trade across the diocese.


Synodical Governance

  • To support the Diocesan Synod in fulfilling its responsibilities and priorities;
  • To support the Bishop’s Council & Standing Committee in its leadership role, ensuring reports and agendas are timely, accurate and compliant;
  • To assist Deanery Officers in the fulfilment of their tasks and duties, providing guidance and resources relating to the successful running of Deanery Synods;
  • To assist clergy and PCC Secretaries with the legal requirements and opportunities of running successful PCCS;
  • To fulfil the duties of Diocesan Electoral Roll Officer and Presiding Officer in relation to all elections relating to Synodical governance across the diocese.



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