Clerical Registry


Mrs Rita Hortin, Hon Secretary
Tel: 01962 775280

Mrs Liz Wilkinson, Assistant Secretary
Tel: 01962 737345

Please use 01962 737345 as your first point of contact.







If your parish is in interregnum or your vicar is unavailable for services, whether through illness or holiday, the Clerical Registry have a pool of licensed (and DBS cleared) clergy who can provide cover.  Call the Registry with dates and times of services and they will do the rest.


Liz is in the office most mornings, although she does sometimes change this to the afternoon. However, when not at her desk, the office telephone is diverted to Rita's number. Therefore, the telephone is manned at all times, and any messages left are regularly picked up, as are any emails. Please refrain from calling after 10pm, as this can be disruptive when the phone is diverted to a home number.

The Clerical Registry is a completely separate charity from the WDBF, and does not receive any funding from the diocesan budget. It relies totally on the income received from booking fees, and the very generous donation of fees from some of its members.

If you make arrangements directly with a member of the Clerical Registry you are, in effect, reducing their already small income. We ask you to please make all arrangements through the office and help the Registry maintain this important service for as long as possible.

To become a member of the Clerical Registry, you will need to have permission to officiate from the Diocesan Bishop.