The Bishop of Winchester


The 97th Bishop of Winchester: The Right Reverend Tim Dakin.

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Prior to joining the diocese in 2012, Bishop Tim was head of the Church Mission Society between 2000 and 2012. As well as heading up CMS, Tim was also a member of the Church of England’s ruling body, the General Synod, an associate priest in the parish of Ruscombe and Twyford in the Diocese of Oxford and an Honorary Canon Theologian of Coventry Cathedral. 

Bishop Tim was born to missionary parents in Tanzania and grew up both in East Africa and the UK. After studying theology at a university college in Plymouth and completing a Masters in theology at King’s College, London, he was ordained in 1993. He returned to East Africa to work as principal at a Church Army college in Nairobi and served his curacy at the city’s Anglican cathedral – where he’d been to kindergarten and worshipped as a teenager.

What is a bishop?

A Bishop is a member of the clergy with authority and oversight of a diocese. A diocese, such as the Diocese of Winchester, has one diocesan bishop (The Bishop of Winchester) and often one or more suffragan bishops (in the case of the Diocese of Winchester, the Bishops of Basingstoke and Southampton). Suffragan bishops act as assistants to the diocesan bishop. An archbishop is a senior bishop with oversight of an archdiocese – the Province of England has two archdioceses, Canterbury and York.