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Resource Development

The Resource Development team brings together the following areas of responsibilities:

  • Property
  • DAC, Pastoral, Vacancies and Closed Churches
  • Old Alresford Place
  • Regional IT

The aim of the Resource Development team is to ensure that we are managing and maintaining our assets across the diocese and making the most of them. This may involve buying and selling assets or using them in different ways. It will certainly entail having an eye on the needs of clergy, congregations and local communities and looking for new ways to raise revenue for the diocese.

Head of Resource Development

The Revd Anthony Smith FCA

01962 737342 / anthony.smith@winchester.anglican.org

Anthony’s role is to manage the team and to ensure that it is proactive and forward looking.


Property Development Officer (part-time)

Rolf Hawkins

01962 737326 / rolf.hawkins@winchester.anglican.org

Working with the Head of Resource Development, Rolf is responsible for developing and implementing proposals to maximise the return on property assets – Diocesan, Parochial and Glebe.

Houses Manager

Chris Mariner

01962 737327 / chris.mariner@winchester.anglican.org

Chris is responsible for the effective management of the Diocese’s housing stock primarily the 240 ministry houses.

Property Administrator (Houses & Glebe)

Mary Lord

01962 737328 / mary.lord@winchester.anglican.org

Mary is responsible for the effective delivery of administrative and clerical services through management, organisation and timetabling of planned and emergency works as well as supporting those moving to posts within the Diocese and maintaining the property database.

Property Assistant

Suzanne Pleming

01962 737329 / suzanne.pleming@winchester.anglican.org

Suzanne is responsible for providing administrative/clerical support for the maintenance of the Diocese’ housing stock, the letting of vacant properties and supporting the management of glebe properties.

DAC, Pastoral, Vacancy & Closed Churches

Head of DAC, Pastoral, Vacancy & Closed Churches

Cathy Roberts

01962 737306 / catherine.roberts@winchester.anglican.org

Cathy is DAC Secretary directing and managing all work relating to faculty applications, church buildings and their contents. She is also Pastoral Secretary and is tasked with delivering the practical out-workings of the statutory functions of the Diocese Mission and Pastoral Measure.

Church Buildings Officer

Richard Streatfield

01962 737308 / richard.streatfield@winchester.anglican.org

Richard provides support to Liz and Cathy in processing faculty applications and also supports Cathy with the administration of pastoral schemes and the vacancy process.

Church Buildings Administrator (part-time)

Matthew Palmer

01962 737312 / matthew.palmer@winchester.anglican.org

Matthew provides full administrative and clerical support for all members of the DAC and Pastoral team.

Old Alresford Place

Meetings and Events Manager

Debby Barnes

01962 737302 / debby.barnes@winchester.anglican.org

Debby’s primary focus is the daily running of the Old Alresford Place Conference Centre, answering enquiries, taking bookings and coordinating the work of external contractors and occasional staff. At the same time Debby has responsibility for the front of house function for both the Office and Conference Centre.

Front of House Assistant

Ellie Catto

01962 737349 / eleanor.catto@winchester.anglican.org

Ellie provides support for Debby in the daily running of the conference centre and office reception. She also provides support to the Head of the team and has responsibility for office services.

Regional IT

IT Technician

Mr David Marles

01962 737309 / david.marles@winchester.anglican.org

As a member of the Regional IT team, David is responsible for maintaining the computer systems across Winchester and our three partner dioceses. David is also required to offer advice and technical support to Area Deans and the offices of the Archdeacons and Bishops.