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The Clerical Registry

What is the Clerical Registry

The Clerical Registry is a group of retired priests, with a vast experience of Ministry who are willing to cover services whenever needed, beyond their home parishes.  All Registry members have the Bishop’s Permission to Officiate and are fully DBS checked.  The Registry has been running since 1913 and is unique to the Dioceses of Winchester and Portsmouth.

Having received a request for cover we look at the style of worship in the parish and try to recognise particular preferences to provide the most efficient and effective service possible.

What does it cost?

When a church is in interregnum or the parish priest is ill, the Diocese picks up the cost of the services, so the cost is covered by Parish Share and does not cost the parish any extra.

When the cover is due to annual leave or absences through Sabbatical, the parish must cover the extra cost.  The fee per service is currently £30.24 (reviewed annually on 1 April) and a £5.70 booking fee per day.  The parish must also cover travel expenses at either 45p per mile or full reimbursement for public transport costs.

These fees are the same for midweek and weekend/Sunday services.

The Clerical Registry will arrange payment to the officiating Minister and reclaim the costs from the relevant party.

Occasional Services

The Clerical Registry can provide for Baptisms at the above rate.

Weddings and Funerals are charged at the statutory parochial rate decided annually, payable to the Diocesan Board of Finance.  The visiting priest is paid two-thirds of this fee plus travelling costs.

To receive payment for statutory services the Occasional Office Claim Form must be filled in and returned for payment to the Parish Office/Adminstrator.

How to book?

When you are in need of Ministry cover please contact Liz via email or phone details at the top of the page.

Wherever possible please go through the Secretary Liz Wilkinson to confirm bookings rather than booking a minister yourself or make sure that if a booking is made privately she is informed of any committments that are made.

Clerical Registry Secretary

Liz Wilkinson

01962 737345 / liz.wilkinson@winchester.anglican.org

The Clerical Registry
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