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What We Do

Almost 80% of our income goes towards the mission work of the diocese, money being reinvested straight back into communities to make a difference and change people’s lives.

Our clergy provide preaching, teaching, spiritual and pastoral care to people across the Diocese. This is backed up by hundreds of volunteers who support our parishes and are doing great work across the diocese and beyond. Our 98 Church of England schools provide over 25,000 young people with an education rooted in Christian values.

In Winchester we are re-imagining Church to make it relevant, ensuring that people can explore and share their faith and offering new ways of worship.

We want to take the ‘Church’ out of the buildings and onto the streets to show God in action.

Watch our video about pioneer ministry, what it means and why we’re doing it…

Our Mission Strategy is the map to help us with our journey to becoming a mission-shaped diocese. You can read it here.