About Us Thy Kingdom Come 2017 Novena of Prayer

Novena of Prayer

Ascension to Pentecost: 25th May – 4th June

‘Prayer is the breath that sustains us, the place where change begins. As the apostles waited and prayed together following Jesus’ ascension, so we pray. May our waiting and our praying make us more open to receiving the Holy Spirit, and more capable of showing the grace of God in all that we are and do.’ – Archbishop Justin Welby

As part of Thy Kingdom Come 2017 there was a period of prayer between Ascension and Pentecost (25th May – 4th June) as Christians from different denominations came together in their parishes, churches, villages, towns and cities across the region to pray together locally and globally. There were prayer events of all shapes and sizes as people gathered together to pray for the coming of the Holy Spirit and for their friends, families and neighbours to come to know Jesus Christ. To read about some of the creative prayer events that took place click here. An album of photos from prayer events organised as part of the Novena is available to view here.

As part of the Novena, prayer events took place in villages, towns, and cities across the region. Read about some of the creative prayer events organised here.

Those that signed up to #Pledge2Pray also received encouraging daily videos. If you missed them you can see them here. For a wealth of resources and further information click here.

There are still many ways to get involved with Thy Kingdom Come and take part in mission across the diocese. Find out more about getting involved in Thy Kingdom Come in 2017

If you’re on social media, you can find out more about Thy Kingdom Come on the Diocesan Twitter stream or Facebook page (both called @CofEWinchester). Please help to spread the word, and find out how other people are joining in, using the hashtags #thykingdomcome and #pledge2pray.