Deanery Mission Action Planning will take place over the course 2014 (timeline) with the launch of Parish Mission Action Planning on 22 November 2014.

A simplified version of a classic Mission Action Planning process is proposed which focuses on 3 distinct phases:

Review Phase

To review the contextual aspects of the Deanery seen through the lenses of the 4 SPs (See Review Phase). All this will be framed in the light of a listening process: to God, to the Church and to the wider community.

Plan Phase

To engage in an envisioning process in which we explore future possibilities – in the light of the Diocesan Vision and the 4 SPs – to produce 4 or 5 key objectives for that Deanery with their associated resource implications.

Act Phase

To take the necessary steps to bring the dMAP to fruition, including clear communication of what is being done and why, and celebrating progress as it is made.


The role of the Deanery Mission and Pastoral Committee, DMPC (or equivalent working group) is absolutely critical in holding the process, sifting possible objectives and in bringing their plans for commentary, criticism and re-working to the PCCs of the Deanery, and receiving advice and input from the dMAP support group. Each Deanery will have 2 Companions to “walk with them” through the process of developing a Deanery Mission Action Plan (dMAP). They will operate as critical friends, asking key questions and enabling the process in the deanery.

All of this information is available as a powerpoint presentationDelivering the Strategic Priorities using dMAPs.

Further Resources

  • Example dMAP
  • Letter to brief church members – This document is to offer help in communicating what is happening through the dMAP process to members of the churches we serve. Please use it, adapt it and share it as you see fit.
  • FAQs