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Mission Action Planning (MAP)

Overview of Mission Action Planning (MAP)

The Diocese of Winchester is engaged in re-structuring to enable us together to become a mission-shaped diocese. One of the ways we are doing this is through stages of Mission Action Planning (MAP).


Our vision statement is: “Living the Mission of Jesus”

The 3 dimensions of that vision are:

  • Passionate personal spirituality
  • Pioneering faith communities
  • Prophetic global citizens
The Need for Change

As we go forward to become a mission-shaped Diocese, the question has been raised as to why we need to change the way we are serving the people and structures of our Diocese. We can summarise this need under 3 headings:

Mind the Gap

The society in which we live has changed significantly. Simply thinking back to what life was like for many of us 20, 30, 40 years ago we can see that the societal context is just not the same, and thus needs a new and intentional approach.

Bridge the Gap

In times past people would come to church, and turn to the church, at times of greatest need but also as a centre for activity i.e. the church was at the centre of the community. Today, instead of needing to manage the people who come through the door, more often we need to find ways to connect with people who do not naturally turn to the church or see its place in society. Most people today are not touched by the way we do “church”.

Close the Gap

We as the church of today need to change our attitude and approach. For the sake of those we connect with we need to continue to be the church in the best ways we can, sharing good practice and aspiring to do the best we possibly can. For the sake of the many who do not come to church, we need to find ways to re-imagine what church can be today, and go to them, creatively, reflectively and courageously.