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Media Enquiries

Luther Pendragon provides an external press office function and handles all media inquiries for the Diocese of Winchester.

If you receive a call from a journalist contact a member of the team on either 020 7618 9197 or on dioceseofwinchester@luther.co.uk.

The press line is staffed 24/7 and so if you have an urgent issue out of office hours it is always better to call rather than to email.

Internal Communications

Siobahn Cole, the diocesan Internal Communications Officer, is responsible for the upkeep of the diocesan website and works alongside Jayne Tarry (Synod and Parish Support Adviser) in the development of the diocesan database.

She is an office point of contact for deaneries and parishes for communication issues, creating an internal network of communication, in addition to the Communications team at Luther Pendragon, to highlight the good work being done throughout the diocese. She is also responsible for compiling and sending diocesan mailings and bulletins.

Siobahn can be reached on 01962 737324 or siobahn.cole@winchester.anglican.org